Companion-Only Adoption
The following kitties are available as loving home companions. They are looking for a family to love and treasure them, for their entire lifetime. 

Pet Kittens
Pet kittens are beautiful, healthy babies who do not meet the Breed Standard for show-quality conformation.  Even so, our pets have the same winning personality Exotics are famous for.  Kittens may not leave our care before 12 weeks of age.
Diehl Exotics
CFA registered Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs
in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Adopting a retired show cat is a great way to enjoy a top-quality Persian or Exotic, without the challenges of raising a kitten. 
Blue/white longhair female

CH. ElSilver Prety
Prety is a four year old black/white Exotic female who came to us all the way from Russia.  She will be available in July.
Silver tabby shorthair male

Chinchilla silver longhair female

Shaded silver shorthair male

Angelica is a five year old shaded silver Exotic female.  She will be available in July.
Perfect Disguise
This big, beautiful one year old brown tabby Exotic male has decided he isn't cut out for fatherhood.  He will be available to an only-cat home after neutering.
Please don't be offended if we ask questions about you and your family.  This is how we match the right kitty with the right home.