Indoors Only
While the out-of-doors offers fresh air and sunshine, to an unsuspecting kitty, it offers so much more.  Speeding cars, poision bait, and malicious dogs pose obvious dangers.  But smaller and more insideous attackers lie in wait, as well.  Tapeworms, heartworms, fleas, and mosquitos pose unseen dangers.  Contact with other cats may result in more than a just bite or a scratch: FIV & Feline Leukemia virus may cut her life tragically short.

Whether your kitty is an Exotic or a domestic shorthair, keep her indoors at all times!
Adopt a Healthy Cat
Adopting an Exotic or Persian from a reputable, concientious breeder will save you a lot of heartbreak, as well as expensive verterinary bills.  A true cat fancier shows regularly, performs genetic testing, and provides a written health guarentee with every kitten.

Purchasing a kitten from a Backyard breeder, pet mill, or pet shop is NEVER a "good deal."  Cats that don't recieve proper care and socialization during their first three months of life may suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.
Perhaps the most significant difference between caring for an Exotic or Persian, versus a domestic cat, is the grooming they require.  Both longhairs and shorthairs have a thick, wooly, double coat.  This luxurious coat needs frequent combing to prevent tangles and hairballs. 

Contrary to popular myth, cats do not wash themselves. Dirt, dander, and excess oils can only be removed through bathing.  A healthy, glossy coat is the result of regular bathing.  We suggest bathing longhairs at least once a month, shorthairs at least every other month.  Of course, blow-drying must always follow the bath.

Vet Care
A veterinarian does more than just give your kitty her shots.  He or she is your cat's primary care physician, surgeon, dermatologist, emergency doctor, and dentist! 

We suggest taking the time to find a great veterinarian before adopting a kitty.  Asking arround is probably the best way to find a vet you can trust to care for your precious baby.

Keeping an indoor cat active and entertained need not be difficult.  A cat tree provides a cozy spot for a nap, as well as exercise.  A bird feeder, located near a window, will keep her entertained for hours.  Something as simple as a feather on a stick can turn TV time into play time- for both of you!
It is well known that spaying/neutering increases a pet's lifespan and prevents undesierable sex-related behaviors, (such as spraying in males and "calling" in females.) But did you know it also prevents certain diseases, such as pyometria, FUS, ovarian and testicular cancers?

When is the best time? Any time between 5 and 8 months of age is ideal.
Making Introductions
Under no circumatances should a frightened kitty be forced to "make friends" with other pets or members of the familly.  Getting to know her new friends requires time, and a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. 

We strongly recommend keeping your new kitty sequestered in a quiet room for the first two weeks, or until she feels comfortable & confident in her new surroundings. 
Basic Care
Caring for an Exotic is not difficult; following these basic care suggestions will ensure she lives a long, healthy life. 
Eye Care
It is absolutely normal for Exotics to have watery drainage from the eyes.  All cats produce tears, which keep the eyes clean and moist.  However, in the short-nosed breeds, this fluid spills over.  Daily wiping with a moist cloth will keep the area arround her eyes clean.

Persians and Exotics are also prone to getting fine, soft hairs stuck in their eyes.  If your cat's eyes are watering excessively, check her in bright light.  If you find a hair, it can be removed with ordinary eye wash, and a soft tissue.
Vaccination Protocol
Although vaccines are intended to protect your cat, new research has shown that overvaccination can put your cat's health at risk.

Recommended vaccine protocol

Remember, a clean cat is a happy cat!  If your longhair has a difficul-to-manage coat, she will be much more comfortable with a hair cut.
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