Adoption Inquiries
Please help us spend more time with our cats by providing the following information in your message:

  • Please tell us about yourself, your family, and the other pets in your household
  • Specify what type of kitty you're interested in(longhair or shorthair, pet kitten or retiree, ect.)
  • Carefully review our Adoption Agreement  and ask any questions you may have
  • Consider the cost of shipping(aprox $300)if you are unnable to drive to Nashville, TN to pick up your kitty
  • The website is not updated daily, so email Evelyn  for current availability

Availability Information
In order to maintain a small, select breeding program, it is sometimes necessary to place our kitties in a new, loving home.  Please note that the following cats are available for adoption to an approved home only.
Diehl Exotics
CFA registered Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs
in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Cats and kittens are rehomed with a signed Adoption Agreement to ensure their life-long care.  Our health guarentee is included in this agreement, so please review it carefully.