Who We Are
I guess you might say, we are ordinary people, with an extraordinary passion for Exotics!

We are Evelyn Diehl and Ameena Lessner, a mother-daughter team of cat fanciers. 
Its Been 26 Years since Evelyn began
Evelyn Diehl, MD has retired from doctoring to devote herself to caring for the cats full-time.  Over the years, her emphasis has evolved from Tabby & Bicolor Persians to Shaded Silver & Golden Exotics.(However, she is still wearing cat shirts!)

Ameena Lessner is an opal cutter, goldsmith, and
exhibiting Tabby Persians in 1984.  The same year, she registered the Diehl cattery with CFA.  A lot has changed since then, but the Diehl bloodline is still going strong, making it one of the oldest bloodlines in the USA. 
Our Hobby keeps us very busy. 
sculptor.  When she is not making things, she can be found in the garden, or washing kitties.  Her specialty is Tabby & Bicolor Exotics.
photos by A. Lessner & R. Smith
There is never a dull moment, and no such thing as a vacation!  There's always something to clean, or someone to feed.  And there are plenty of sleepless nights, spent delivering babies, or nursing a sick kitty back to health.  As difficult as it can be, our hobby is truly a labor of love, and we treasure every moment we get to spend with our beloved cats.

The slideshow, at right, offers a glimpse into our home, and into our lives as cat fanciers.   It is dedicated to everyone who has devoted their life to preserving and perfecting their favorite breed.
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Diehl Exotics
CFA registered Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs
in Nashville, Tennessee, USA